CLIMIFY solutions for performing buildings

Save time, money and resources

Discover live and historical performance

View live and historical monitoring data at a glance, to quickly & precisely handle complains and issues, or to check your buildings performance. Use our tools to understand the usage of your indoor spaces, to optimize the climate accordingly, and to optimize cleaning cycles. Compare indoor environment, energy performance and CO2 footprint of your buildings, year after year. Get insights on retrofit options and make data-driven decision.

Support your occupants

Our feedback app FeedMe allows your occupants to provide their subjective feedback on the indoor environment. Our AI uses their feedback to control the indoor environment. Additionally, you can use FeedMe to share notifications to your occupants: you can help them optimizing their behavior. Choose among different options to let your occupants interacting with the built environment.

BLE beacons

Automatically detect occupants in your buildings through a Bluetooth low energy beacon network

Registered users

Provide access to measurements and feedback options through advance user access management


QR Code

Provide access to measurements and feedback options through QR codes in your rooms

Anonymous users

Get feedback from everyone using your spaces to adapt the indoor climate

Automate your buildings

Set up the automation you need and let it work for you. Select your schedules for your buildings. Define the thresholds that triggers warnings and alarms about indoor climate, energy and CO2 footprint of your buildings. Use our ClimaLights function with busylights to provide prompt feedback to your occupants and create a positive ventilation culture.

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