A modular, digital solution for a good indoor climate that works for any building. We provide a simple overview of your indoor climate. Provide simple feedback on the indoor climate through our feedback app. We take care of the rest.


Enhance productivity, decision and cognition processes, and human performance by 15%



IEQ impacts people's life and work. Satisfied occupants do not ”fight the system” to try to reach comfort



Let occupants control their indoor climate, beyond set points: Climify asks occupants how they feel, then control the HVAC accordingly



Create healthy indoor environment, preventing sick leaves, asthma, allergies, and the sick building syndrome



Identify errors or issues that cause energy waste



Optimize energy use, energy costs and use of renewable energy



Inform occupants on behaviour and energy use



Adapt energy use to energy price and energy availability



Prevent unnecessary heating and cooling needs



Find convenient options to enhance your systems, such as: which components should you substitute? where should you insulate?



Involve the occupants, as far as they want to be involved, through ad-hoc solutions



Shave energy use and adapt it to variable energy prices. Become renewable

Why Climify?

90% of the time we live in an artificial environment, so it comes as no surprise that we expect a lot from it. Indoor climate affects our performance, our sleep at night, our overall well being, and it is consequently essential to get the best indoor climate for us, our employees, and our families.
The heating, cooling, and ventilation in buildings come at a cost: An intense use of energy. Climify's mission is to provide you the best indoor climate in both residential and non-residential buildings, including schools, offices, shops, at the lowest cost and the lowest CO2 emissions.

Climify Plans

Enterprise ClimiBox
Modular and scalable packges for medium and large organisations
Entry fee, plus yearly fee based on number of monitored locations





Consultancy on sensors
User access management
Automatic reports generation
3 years historical data
API access
FeedMe app
Smart themrostat setpoint control
Tempearture setbacks
Measurement based setpoint adjustment
Comfort based setpoint adjustment

It all begins...

Climify started within a research project running at DTU. The founding father of CLIMIFY is Davide Cali, who has dedicated his entire professional life to letting buildings perform to the best of their abilities. He wants to optimize the comfort of all inhabitants, optimize energy usage, minimize CO2 emissions by providing flexibility services to the grid, and in all aspects, ensure the cost-effectiveness and eco-friendliness of operations of heating, ventilation, cooling, and air conditioning of all the buildings using Climify.

Davide is continuously working on developing the platform, expanding the Climify network, and researching new and better ways to enhance and maintain a good indoor climate while optimizing the performance of buildings in real-time.

The rest is history

Climify was created in January 2018. In the beginning, Climify was a tool to help the monitoring of indoor climate in schools. The goal of the project was to minimize the CO2 footprint and maximize the well-being and concentration of the students. During the first two years, the platform moved away from being a small and limited platform, called Skoleklima, to being a modern and cutting-edge visualization tool. Climify shifted its attention from only focusing on a single field and is now available for many typologies of buildings, spacing from residential buildings to non-residential buildings, including offices, campus buildings, school gyms, and even hospitals.

Climify is still expanding and under development, and all of our existing users are windows into new possibilities for the platform. We are not afraid of expanding the platform following your needs to improve it. Your values are greatly valued. And even after all this time, the Climify values remain the same.

  • The human in the loop: Allow a feedback-based indoor climate control for the occupants to simplify their life and maximize the user-experience

  • The buildings Debug-AI: Run buildings efficiently, eliminating the faults

  • The Comfort Guarantee: Provide flexibility services to the energy grids without compromising on comfort

TeamMeet the Climify team

Davide Cali


Davide exploits buildings data to make buildings sustainable and pleasant for their occupants. He is an expert of buildings’ retrofit. In the free time, he loves to cook, and to play guitar.

Henrik Madsen


Henrik is an expert in data-driven methods, and this includes forecasting and control for accelerating the green transition and to try to ensure an efficient and pleasant monitoring and control of the indoor climate and the energy consumption. In his free time he likes to walk and to take pictures.

Marin Holi


Marin has joined Climify after years of building all kinds of software, everything from embedded devices to websites. His focus is control, optimization and IoT devices. He likes nature, and in his free time, he enjoys scuba diving and climbing.

Shahab Tohidi

Maths and AI specialist

Shahab is an expert in the control of dynamical systems, specifically in the presence of uncertainty, constraint, and redundancy. His focus is on the control of cyber-physical-human systems, where humans are part of the dynamics. In his free time, he enjoys cooking, swimming and playing piano.

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